Allies don't prop up those seeking to erase

LGBTQ people

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And they call themselves allies?

These five companies made 482 donations

totaling $324,250 

to 231 lawmakers who support Anti-LGBTQ agendas.

Data in this report was provided by the National Institute on Money in Politics' database of campaign contributions. The national database, located at, includes finance records by candidate and by contributor dating back to 2000. These records are sourced to federal and state campaign finance reports. Each lawmaker's contribution records by targeted corporation were searched within the time frame of 2015-2021.


AT&T made 327 donations totaling $204,350 to 133 anti-LGBTQ legislators.


Anheuser-Busch made 48 donations totaling $35,350 to 29 anti-LGBTQ legislators.


The Coca-Cola Company and its affiliated PAC made 28 donations totaling $9,550 to 23 anti-LGBTQ legislators.

General Motors

General Motors made 63 donations totaling $51,000 to 35 anti-LGBTQ legislators.


NBCUniversal made 16 donations totaling $24,000 to 11 anti-LGBTQ legislators.

Enough is enough.

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